My SWATTing Experience

I was SWATTED but I survived. It was pretty crazy. I was asleep so, when the police used their device to open my unlocked bedroom door, I was terribly disoriented. I was terribly scarred too. it’s hard to remember the feeling but, it was intense. Niggers were swarming and shouting. As far as I can tell, 3 of them flooded into my room. They wanted to see my hands and told me if they couldn’t, they’d take my life. My hands were up but under my comforter. The next I know, I was outside and being walked to an ambulance. It took me to the hospital of all places. I was put in the looney bin ER but no one else was there except the staff. It was Friday night at midnight. The police had those badass cuffs on a hinge and my wrists were bruised for like two weeks. The doctor has this list of crazy stuff that was reported I was doing. I explained to her what SWATting was after waiting a while. She was ready to let me out at 6 A.M. I called my Dad for a ride because I only had my under armor underwear on and he was like wtf wut? Keep em! So then, I was shipped off to some institution. I was there for ~two weeks and mad niggas was fighting with me. One Muslim Palestinian scumbag punched me in the mouth. In his defense I did say tell him “fuck Muslim Palestinians” but whatever. There were a whole bunch of assholes there and I mean I was supposed to put up with that shit? IDK. They moved me cause I was tearing into a lot of pieces of shit – staff too. They started it.

What comes next? It seems I get paid and get rid of the neighbors who did it 🙂

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