Angelo John Gage’s New Pied Piping

Angelo John Gage constantly reinvents himself. This is a huge problem. In a Tweet on June 5, 2019 he asked Twitter, YouTube and Google how they are not like NSDAP.

Whose side is this Angelo John Gage guy on?



Wed Thoughts.png

Angelo John Gage Clearly has Changed

Angelo John Gage was a racialist, he was leader of the National Youth Front, he was hip to the JQ. Angelo John Gage also had a lot of strange ideas that he got from David Icke. Angelo John Gage was an anti-Christ who thought maybe our brains were galaxies for some reason.

Angelo John Gage got in the Alt Right at the right time. He is well known. People don’t seem to realize that the man has no convictions. He erases his ideas – good or bad ideas – then morphs into a new person.

Angelo John Gage is in no way shape or form a leader. He may be a thinker but, he is not an original one. His level of thought is that of a college student.

The fact that he was out there Tweeting that @Twitter et al are akin to the NSDAP is ridiculous. If Angelo John Gage wants to be Alt Lite, he should go be it. Maybe he’ll make some money.

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