Review: One Punch Man Vol. 1-10

Manga is a Japanese comic book and you read them backwards. One Punch Man was my first try at a Japanese comic. One Punch Man was very addictive. I went through volumes 1-10 in about three weeks having had nothing doing.

The One Punch Man manga is about pocket sized and 300 pages. One Punch Man manga are marked $9.99 and black and white. Currently, there are 19 volumes. I’ll see how far I go. One Punch Man is noteworthy in that it started as a webcomic, made the jump to print and then jumped to anime as a series on Hulu. One Punch Man on Hulu Season 2 is being produced.

What It Is?

One Punch Man Rain

The Guy is Cool

The One Punch Man is the strongest hero in his universe. The One Punch Man, however, is for lack of a better term, a slacker. He became a hero for fun. The world at large does not know that One Punch Man repeatedly saves his country and his world. The One Punch Man doesn’t really care about who gets credit for his exploits excepting that he wants to pay his bills doing what he enjoys. The One Punch Man would be a hero either way.

The One Punch Man character is aloof, goofy/dopey and heroic. Again, he is also the strongest hero – by far. While the origins of One Punch Man are dubious, it is clear that The One Punch Man is looking to fight an opponent who can hold his own. It is unclear whether that will happen.

The One Punch Man manga is a load of fun and the stories in volumes 1-10 build upon each other and are fresh with well varying plot points.

The One Punch Man is basically a happy-go-lucky college aged kid. If The One Punch Man had a Twitter personalty, he might be a little like classic Paul Town.

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