The Ups and Downs of Straight Pride

Above: Russian Straight Pride Flags


Gay Pride is about being out there, “Loud and Proud.” Loud and Proud is about battering the natural way of things and promoting sexual immorality and any kind of perverted way of sexually interacting.

Pride! is about freeing and recruiting perverts, celebrating perversion and normalizing it. Boston, MA is the sad setting in which a new chapter is opening in what has been a losing battle against the powers of perversion.

Super Happy Fun America is an organization in Boston that is trying to build momentum for Straight Pride. As such, they are organizing a go at a Straight Pride Parade in Boston. As to be expected, Super Happy Fun America is being met with stiff derision and outrage.

Super Happy Fun America, from it’s website is promoting normal and healthy sexuality. Their website is here.

Super Happy Fun Time has a Straight Flag.

Straight Flag

Super Happy Fun America also has a bold list of demands for their planned Bostonian Straight Pride Parade. More about Boston’s response to the planned Straight Pride Parade can be found on their blog.

Super Happy Fun America’s demands:

  • Same parade route as the Boston Pride parade
  • Same accommodations as the Boston Pride parade including street closings and the inclusion of vehicles and floats
  • Permission to raise the Straight Pride Flag on Boston City Hall flag poles
  • Add “S” to LGBTQ because it’s more inclusive that way

Super Happy Fun Time made their demands on the basis of Civil Rights Legislation and stated:

We have determined that a parade would be the best way to promote our community and its diverse history, culture, and identity. We anticipate that the city will eventually choose to embrace tolerance and inclusivity.  For now, it is necessary to remind the city that they are legally obligated to treat straight people the same as people of other sexual orientations.  MGL c.272, s.98 prohibits discrimination based upon sexual orientation in places of public accommodation.  While Boston Pride hosts a week-long celebration every year for the LGBTQ+ community, we will settle for one day since our movement is in the early stages.

Can the Sodomite Tide be Turned Back?

The battle for Straight Pride! may have been lost when the sodomites cornered the branding market. Just calling their movement Pride! was very clever.

The amount of Pride! propaganda and product out there this year is plentiful and in your face. It really deserves it’s own article. The road to Global Neo-Sodom grows shorter.

Even Books are Gay at Barnes and Noble:


Fight from Where You Are:

It is unfortunate that Super Happy Fun America is demanding that LGBTQ+ add an “S” for Straight. Though, that move along with others made and in the making by Super Happy Fun America are bold and bound to make the LGBTQ+’s irate. It is also sad that Super Happy Fun Time had to create a straight flag, on modeled on flags of the abominable.

Hopefully this movement grows and is about families. It doesn’t need the likes of Straight Swinger Inclusion.

To Help, Super Happy Fun America is Asking Supporters to Call:

the Commissioner of the Boston Property Management Department, Gregory Rooney, rejecting our request and institutionalizing discrimination against the straight community. Please call him at 617-635-4100 and ask him to change his department’s policy of marginalizing straight people.

Straight Pride is really a mixed bag. It shows that the sodomites have a definite advantage when it comes to politics and the politicized world. Straights opposed to homosexuality have to largely play by the homosexuals’ rules to mount a successful cultural counter offensive . Without plague or other act of God, the sodomite will seemingly have a growing and prominent influence in the world until kingdom come.

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  1. This site is so unfunny, but if it’s your real thinking, then oh my, I hope that you will see, that your article has no arguments, because LGBTQ fights for right for Homosexuals etc. Why add S for Straight? Straight people have rights, anyway it doesn’t mean that if you are straight, you can’t take part in parade.


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