The Anatomy of a Scare Video

YouTube basically promotes scare videos. It promotes scare videos on a number of subjects. Scare videos on the subjects of the End of the World and Satanism are two of the key types videos that YouTube promotes. YouTube promotes these scare videos non-stop and those videos succeed to warp the minds of many.

By calling these videos scare videos, I do not mean to say that the subjects of the End of the World and Satanism are not scary to those who are not desensitized. What I am saying is that the scare videos YouTube promotes are put together in a calculated manner, that the videos are produced in order to stop people from thinking. It is my contention that the scare videos are produced in a manner to cause disorientation and inhibit rational thought.

There are two key tactics scare video producers use to keep their viewers off balance. First, scare video producers will barrage a string of repetitive clips. Outwardly, the barrage of clips is to show how serious a given problem is. Scare video producers use the barrage tactic to pressure the viewer into thinking there is an imminent threat.

The second tactic scare video producers use is similar to the barrage technique in that the clips presented are again presented in rapid fire. The difference is that the barrage of information comes in a smaller form similar to what is currently commonly called a meme. The memed barrage can be much more disorienting. Speaking for myself however, the videos get weird and they cater to a much more specific audience who will understand what is being conveyed. That type of video is much more context specific.

Speaking from experience, the videos can induce terror. I imagine someone who is on drugs or is mentally ill can be much more greatly affected by scare videos made by charlatans.

I believe that there are intelligence agencies working for various countries especially in The U.S. and Israel creating these videos for destabilization and propaganda purposes. Tension is a valid intelligence strategy. It is also a valid warfare strategy.

As a note, TRS or The Right Stuff is an Israeli Intelligence Operation. It is being dismantled.

Michael Enoch Isaac Peinovich’s Mossad Contact can come see me regarding her said contact’s dismantlement.

Dead Mike

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