Barry, the Degenerate Jew Psychopath

I’ve learned recently that I have had a Jew named Barry S——z stalking me for about twenty years. I don’t know what set this particular Jew on such an extreme path but, I have found out some of what he has been doing.

First, the guy says things to people in a very odd manner on a regular basis to hurt them and lord over them. The thing is, the guy has no friends and never was successful in his career.

One thing Barry did do well is write a song for a certain Jewish actress. It could be said he was an opportunistic one hit wonder. However, the guy who is a complete racial degenerate, thought he would win the woman, a huge actress with his pedestrian song.

Barry hates me because a girl I never even talked to more than a few times in high school voted me best looking. That is according to Barry was more than enough for him to make war on me and hold a grudge for 20 years.

The girl would never ever date the guy. Ever.

Barry has cost me about 48 hours from my life so far.

I would write more but, the venue and prohibitions on speech limit what I can say.

Barry, however, is being dealt with and his whole future is now a problem.

egomania + psychosis = psychopathy?

A Firestorm to Purify… Soon!

6 Million Mill

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