Martina Markota: Is She Crapping Out???

I have spent a good deal of time speaking to Martina Markota. At first I thought she was nice. At the same time though, I thought she might also be an opportunist.

I first met Martina on Twitter when I was writing for Martina was working doing short videos for Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller. She seemed to do a good job.

I saw that she had a website. It was linked to her Twitter. As it turned out, the site was highly derivative of what was going on with the Alt Right’s style at the time. Martina liked Retrowave and still does. IDT the site has changed much.

Martina dotcom

Martina Markota is odd and not odd in the sense that some Christians are…

To me, it seems like Martina got into the Alt Right and Alt Lite as little more than an opportunist. Her story is that she was forced out of the world of “exotic dancing” because of her political views and support of Donald Trump.

Martina was marketable and made some appearances on ersatz or faux hip political channels – channels that are really just establishment. The two that come to mind are Gavin McInnes and InfoWars.

Martina was still promoting her dancing while she was at The Daily Caller. For some reason (could it be the dancing?) Martina made her way to The Rebel a.k.a. Rebel Media. At Rebel, Martina did a bunch of videos. What she did was average. Nobody is going to miss her. During her brief time at The Rebel, her personality became more haughty.

For whatever reason, Martina no longer works for The Rebel. At one point when I was interested in her, Martina told me that politics did not matter to her and that she was going to go back to dancing. She said she would dance until she was in her 50s.

The more I talked to Martina the weirder things got and I realized she was weirder than I ever suspected. She does not seem to care about her life. She carries on about art but has no taste. In my opinion, she is delusional.

Her stuff is getting weirder and I am really perplexed thinking about where Martina is going to wind up next.

As far as I can tell, Martina is still the founder and sole member of #gothright. Martina also has her bootleg comic book thing going on. The art is shit and she is some kind of magician. It will be interesting to see if the people who ordered her comic will get it. Martina’s videos are getting weirder.

Here are screencaps of last month’s videos:

Martina 8-15

Martina 8-29

Martina 9-17

Martina 9-24

Is Martina going hard on this #GothRight thing? If you ask me, the bitch is going down and was a waste of time for all involved including her family.

How much longer is she going to last online and what will the future bring for her? Stripping or weirder???


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