Automation Comes to McDonalds

Robots are coming. They say robots will do many if not most of the jobs people do today.

At some higher end burger joints, robots already cook hamburgers. Flippy, the Burger Flipping Robot, was the beginning in terms of robot chefs (as far as this author knows).

For whatever reasons, McDonalds is the premier burger joint to Wall Street. According to Fortune, McDonalds has been planning their kiosk rollout since 2016.

(They) announced that it would roll out digital self-order kiosks and table service in all of its 14,000 U.S. stores.

The kiosks are here

MCD Automation 2.jpg

Both pics are from my local McDonalds

MCD Automation 3.jpg

There are still two cash registers at the McDonalds I got the picture at. The kiosks unlike those at the food store, do not take cash.

From what I recall, this McDonalds potentially eliminating two jobs. It is also eliminating a lot of the responsibility from workers as a lot less money changes hands.

For many, the McJob is getting easier – just pack and serve food – while fast food workers demand more money.

The McJob and the like will go through a revolution.

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