A Comey/Trump TV Show is Coming

James Comey, the Director of the FBI, came into his position in 2013 under Obama. Comey was dismissed as Director of the FBI by Trump in May 2017. Along the way, Comey was blamed for upsetting Hillary Clinton’s chance at the Presidency. He also became a big opponent to Trump. Like Trump, Comey was a highly polarizing figure.

After the FBI, of course Comey was given a book deal for his memoirs. It sold incredibly well, 600k copies in the first two weeks. It was a polarizing sensation. It’s title was “A Higher Calling…”

Hillary, Russia, Comey and “corruption” could not take down Trump. Now, CBS is creating a 4 hour miniseries based on Comey’s memoirs. The show begins filming in November making it perfect time to propagate around Election 2020. It will air on either CBS or Showtime.

Jeff Daniels from Dumb and Dumberer and some stuffy liberal HBO show will be playing Comey.

Some lesser known guy is playing Trump.

gleeson trump

Desperate times call for desperate propaganda efforts but, who really cares about any of this stuff.

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