Live Action Batwoman: A Gay Triple Play

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker was not the only live action Batman related property to make its debut this last weekend. The CW’s new series Batwoman premiered on Sunday.

Batwoman as a character gained popularity when DC Comics retconned its line in 2006. According to Wikipedia, “the modern Batwoman is written as being of Jewish descent and as a lesbian.”

Batwoman was a hit. Ethnic Diversity is a must. Queers and LGBT are huge. Girl power… Need I say more. Batwoman is sure to be huge on the Cosplay Circuits, at Pride Parades and events and everywhere else diverse or gay.

There’s a lot more for the queers to love though

Batwoman Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose: Gender Queer Icon

Ruby Rose, the actress who plays Batwoman like Batwoman is also a dyke. Ms. Rose started off as some type of gender queer model then worked her way up to full lesbo and actress. She was an MTV VJ – among other gigs – in the in between. Ms. Rose is from the land down under (Australia).

Whether the show is any good and whether Ms. Rose is any good as an actress may not really matter. The critics thought Batwoman tight.

Batwoman Critics

The opinion of the show among regular viewers was pretty low. As such, were the critics, the people we all know really matter, like this is a really great show, this is a really great show about lesbos, or possibly the show about lesbos we really need right now?

With this many lesbos how can it not be great?

batwoman maddow

It’s hard to say, no?

As the coup de gras to the patriarchy or decency or whatever, Batwoman has Rachel Maddow. Maddow apparently does news commentary heard in the background of not just the Batwoman show but also on the Flash or whatever DC Universe shows there are on the CW. In these DC Universe shows, Maddow surprisingly, is not a lesbo. She is a love interest for one of the heroes.

There are probably more gays involved with the CW’s DC Universe shows but all of this is getting pretty hard to think about. Gays are mixed up enough.

What happened to family friendly programming?

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