The X-Men Get a Racial State

The White World has been falling apart since at least 1965. Non-White Invasion has been a large part of the problem. In the U.S., the Immigration and Nationality Act or Hart-Cellar Act passed in 1965 opened the floodgates to non-White immigration. In the past 30 years, the issue of non-White Invasion has only become a bigger problem in the U.S. and Europe due to the ‘refugee’ crisis and illegal immigration.

Generally, the X-Men are liberal on social issues. In the past few years they added a number of homosexual characters. The X-Men were founded on integration but in the last decade or two have been focusing on having their own state.

Whatever last “mega” crossover event that reset the X-Men comics team’s and books’ numbering to one has also brought a new mutant homeland called Krakoa. Krakoa is a living island that for the X-Men is a sovereign state.

The hardest thing for any new state to attain is recognition by the existing states. As Krakoa is  new real estate and as the X-Men trade medicine for sovereignty, the mutant state’s status is shaping up pretty well.

The X-Men’s core book X-Men is decent so far. No real liberalisms in the first two issues. X-Men 1 sees the team tackle anti-mutant terrorists and feast. Issue two deals with a second island. It seems maybe the books targeting the younger crowds and carrying the newer characters are carrying the poz between the pages of those X-Men related books.


What the X-Men and the White man has always had in common is that people are trying to destroy them and will continue to try to destroy them if they get their own state. Even with their own state, the X-Men are still trying to live in the rest of the world. The White man will have to too.

The X-Men always had an integrationist approach and their original enemy, The Brotherhood of Mutants which was led by Magneto, had an isolationist and/or revolutionary approach to the politics. Magneto’s approach has had it’s chance and now the X-Men seem to be taking a similar isolationist approach in terms of living space but still want to be integrationist in the larger world.

The problems with both good and bad guy X-Men states and the Ethnostate is that there is a ton of impetus and downright need to interact with the world. In the real world, corporations hold the means of production. The X-Men don’t have a Ford dealership on their island and it would probably take a while for the Ethnostate to get one of those and the other 1 million items in a modern supply chain.

We also don’t have an island, there is no new territory. There is a ton of territory in need of securing. The establishment of an ethnostate is a huge undertaking that needs to be started now and worked on bit by bit daily. What we do every day has to be calculated to affect positive change for Whites.


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