Peak Trans? Children and Preachers, Oh My…

Trannies are hugely impactful on female sports. There have been a number of stories for a number of years in which the mentally ill men presenting as women dominate them. There seems real women have no recourse to ersatz women competing in their sports.

Where do ersatz women get off competing with and btfoing real women in sports? It’s the mental illness that the media and eventually the government will seek to normalize. A number of leftist and LGBT media outlets have recently released roundups on the trans “progress.” The buzz seems to be about trannie visibility and/or saturation.

Visibility and saturation, I’m sure means insertion into normal healthy culture – or what’s left of it. Have trannies reached peak visibility/saturation here in the end of 2019?

There are sure to be more transitioning men getting involved with women’s sports.

Disney through Marvel Comics released an online comic based on a ~12 year old transitioning boy. It, of course, is a propaganda piece based on false fables of hate. Interestingly enough, the boy, or aspiring girl looks an awful lot like his mother in some YouTube pieces on the “family.” The family is a preacher family.


Kids and Christianity are not a problem

Lower courts have shown they are willing to accept and even enforce the transitioning of children of pretty much any age in the TX case. The boy was 7.

The drag kids are still going.

Major brands like Converse are fully onboard the trans train. Pantene Shampoo too recently did an LGBT feature.

To celebrate the stories of LGBTQ people journeying home for the holidays, Pantene has partnered with the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles and GLAAD, an LGBTQ advocacy group, to produce a “Going Home for the Holidays” video series.

It seems some churches are onboard for the experience of a trans pastor. Last week an “evangelical Lutheran pastor” started pastoring her flock  in Colorado.

She “earlier this month became the first known transgender Latina to serve as a pastor in the U.S…. (giving) her first sermon at Westview Lutheran Church in Boulder, Colo., in early December.”

Disney via Marvel and the Lutherans, yuuge.

Vox did a story on the biggest ten Trans moments in the 10s. Unfortunately, there are some memorable ones. The LGBTs have the cultural dominance aspect of the game sewn up. The goodwill aspect too. They now have to wait for Trump to be gone to win their most immediate goals.

Under the Trump Administration there are still seemingly a lot laws that discriminate against the Trans folks. These laws apply to the Department of Education, the Justice Department, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Defense Department. More details on that can be found here.

They want all of those benefits from the government. They undoubtedly want countless legal battles fought and won including many involving many laws and many children too. Finally, they also want you to love them. The Advocate put it like this.

For cisgender people, the starting point of dating is attraction and chemistry. Sex, and procreation, generally don’t happen in the first hour of “Getting to know you” of coffee and chit-chat. Putting a different standard on transgender people to exclude them from the dating pool is an expression of bias based on false stereotypes, irrational beliefs, and fear.

The quote comes from a somewhat crafty yet long winded propaganda piece.

The trans and their advocates have definitely come to an important roadmark. They “are there.” They will probably seek to normalize their presence even further in the coming years along with undertaking further efforts to propagate their lifestyles subtly to the masses and in particular children while pulling down the real institutions of civilization and life.

The question is, what is next? Bestiality or Pedophilia? I don’t think robots are ready yet.


  1. Transexual or not, people can fucking choose anything they want that doesn’t harm anyone. I have the fucking right to saw your legs off for being an grunting boomer brainlet and for taking participation on this shitty place full of scumfags with the same retarded mindset as you. Welcome to 2019, and sooner for 2020, and maybe 2078 when people actually had exterminated the braindead “white-scum” like you as long with all their brands and subhumanizations. Welcome to the shiny and colorful, non-regressive always foward future without the grunting, gruntcuck. #grunthunt


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