It’s 2020, What Now?

It’s 2020, time for another Presidential Election. As of right now even with the Impeachment, President Trump is going to have another term. The man has not done much in terms of what he said he was going to do. In some things, he tried. In some things, he went another way. What is clear is that Trump is a Zionist President and he is the Greatest Zionist President in a long time.

Can the wall still get built? Can other things that will strengthen the U.S. from a Nationalist and White perspective still get done? It is a possibility. What we need are both the US House and Senate. Those elections, this time, are more important that the Presidential Election. Republican majorities are needed for the Nationalist policies that are on the Trump Agenda otherwise, we will undoubtedly have another four years of this country slipping into the abyss. Whatever Republican majorities will give us may be the best we can hope for from Washington.

As we will have very little help from the Federal Government in securing a future for White Children, what we have left to do is look to ourselves and each other. Meetups should be started again, discreetly. The younger among our ranks should look to get ahead in their respective careers.

We have been cut off on social media and herded into echo chambers and playgrounds. We should seek again to gain ground with those who have sympathetic ears on any and all venues that are still open. If one can make a new Twitter account every month as to “talk amongst ourselves,” one can surely do the same with other platforms.

Another thing that should work is the targeting of YouTube comments and the like with concerted upvotes as to get out message out there.

More important than online activism is living the best nationalist or trad or White life. Health, family, and other relationships being being the most important of the aforementioned. Projecting what we want our worlds to be will propagate it and otherwise help bring it into being.

Soon, there will undoubtedly be a new flavor of Conservatism. NeoConservatism, PaleoConservatism, Libertarianism, MAGA and the Alt Right were all a steady stream of Republican flavors. The Alt Right was a most genuine grass roots movement. It got a lot of attention. We must be sure that we Far Right Ethno-Nationalists do not have our voices subsumed by some faddy new Republican flavor that does not care about the collective White race. A new Republican fad will assuredly be rising soon.

Chances are, the new Republican will be like most of the old Republicans – pushovers and sell-outs. It will take some time for degenerates to make another push towards social liberation. The POC questions may take a more central stage over degeneracy.

(((They))) are undoubtedly going to keep screwing us until they destroy us if (((they))) could, that is. In my opinion, 2020 is a year for re-entrenchment.

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