1666 Redemption Through Sin, A Review

The full title of “1666 Redemption Through Sin” is 1666 Redemption Through Sin: Global Conspiracy in History, Religion, Politics and Finance. It was written by Robert Sepehr. It is a book that is big on naming names but only gives the reader a bare bones narrative. It seems if the author had put time into researching just the names he names, he could have made a real source book for events – political, cultural and financial – for at least the last 300 years. 

The conspirators this book exposes are the guys. The guys who devised a plan to rule the world. The guys who rule the world. If one were to outline “1666,” the outline would take less than a page. With the bibliography, the book comes in at 78 pages.

What we are given in “1666” is a few pages dedicated to historical figures and events that make up disjointed chapters on a sparsely fleshed out timeline. Sepehr also fails to show continuity in a lot of cases.

Sepehr is part of a weird faction like Duginites. Sepehr likes Blavatsky. I guess they are all two sides of the same coin. Sepher for his part has or maybe had two pretty interesting YouTube channels mostly on alternative archeology.

“1666 Redemption Through Sin: Global Conspiracy in History, Religion, Politics and Finance” is valuable for those who are looking for a starting point to learn the Jewish and pseudo-Jewish origins of the Illuminati and what that group basically is wont to. “1666” is good in that it puts everything in a neat little package. “1666,” however is basic bitch. It doesn’t even touch upon Marx.


I’m going to say the book would be 4 Stars if it were priced around $11.



As a warning to the uninitiated, Be Warned that between what Sepehr leaves out and how he colors some things, he is depriving his readers of important seeds and realizations.

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